"I think it matters whether someone has a good heart."

We totally agree with Elon Musk on that.

There are several key ingredients for the Silicon Valley's success receipt, including:

  • market's size
  • product's excellence
  • team members' talents and skills
  • mentors' experience
  • seed capital's quality

However, non of those matter if you do not have the good heart which makes long-term and joyful your relationships (business or not) with people.

So, be not surprised to find that we will spend much of our personal time trying to carefully weight your personality before deciding on your candidature. You may think that your knowledges, achievements or skills are more important, but we have learned from our own practical experiences, that our candidates' character is the only thing that we are unlikely to change for the better.

How are we different?

Six 'hows'.

  1. We start with young and unexperienced entrepreneurs from the Ground Zero (usually, without even the business idea on a horizon) and it takes no less than 3-6 months before a startup appears.
  2. We accept teams as well as individual founders and solo technical specialists, who want to join a startup at as early stage as possible.
  3. Our approach is highly individualized and we pay attention not only to your startup's value growth but also to your own personal development.
  4. Being the International Incubator we work with very diverse teams aiming at the international markets right from the beginning.
  5. We teach you not only how to became a successful startup founder but most importantly how to be the serial entrepreneur who may stay in business for long independently of how good or not the investment climate will be in the future.
  6. Most importantly we will not allow you to fail. It's simply not an option with us. Sure, you may give up on your own dreams and leave us anytime you want, we won't be able to stop you. However, it's absolutely not acceptable to go "belly up" on us and we proud to stand "perpendicular" to a commonplace Silicon Valley's "wisdom" on this.

Who we are

Svjatoslav Sedov

Aleksandr Protsyuk

George Kochkin
Director of Operations

Daniil Brodovich
Director of FRISCO-Education


What drives us?

Instead of all recent advancements too many young founders in the Silicon Valley, who have no product but only an idea, are left alone without any support.


Are you passionate enough? FRISCO is the right place for forge your passion into the gold.


We start working with founders on an idea stage.


Follow your vision and the money will follow you.

Our office

Why you should work with FRIISCO?

Individual founders

We accept teams as well as individual founders.

Personal growth

We help you to understand your strengths.

International market

We orientate your startup on the bigger international markets.

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