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The typical profile of our candidate includes being under 25 y.o., living in the Bay Area, dreaming to became a billionaire before his\her 30 but having no clue how to achieve that, possessing the entrepreneurial talent and an unlimited amount of energy, being trustworthy as well as truthful to himself and to others.

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  7. What do you think are you best at?:
  8. What do other people think are you best at?:
  9. What's your major goal in life?:
  10. What have you done so far to achieve it?:
  11. How do you think we can help you to achieve it?
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Before sending us an application, please, make sure that you've read, understand and agreed with our About page.

What drives us

Our own personal experiences has made for us obvious that instead of all recent technological, services and communications advances there are steel many serious issues with which Russian startups have to deal in Silicon Valley practically alone without any tangible support.


Are you passionate enough? FRISCO is a place for forge your passion into gold.


Where does creativity come from? How can you nurture your own? Ask FRISCO.


FRISCO is an organization which dedicated to provide startups with high quality services.

Why you should work with FRISCO

Russian incubator

Professional working facilities where multiple startups can effectively communicate with each other and with potential investors.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing were several startups could live and work together.

Startup education

On site educational programs where people can see on practical examples how startups operate in Silicon Valley.

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