Basic Info

  • What're the market need and its dollar size?: P2P Lending market is estimated at $3.2 trillion (2016)
  • What's the product?: P2P lending platform using concept of crowdvouching - vouching for people who need an urgent loan.
  • What're competitors?: LendingClub, Prosper
  • What's the current profit/ revenue?: n/a
  • What's the team?: Founder, CEO - Eugene Lobachev, serial entrepreneur; Anna Paulova, CMO; Svetlana Eydelman, CFO; Vlad Zubarev, Business Development; Andrey Zverev, Business Development; Eugene Kovalev, Regional Director for Russia and CIS; Konstantin Vishnivetsky, Lead developer.
  • What's current project stage?: Beta
  • Where's this company located?: place of registration - Singapore, Core Team is in Russia.
  • What's ICO size?: min cap - $1.5 mio
  • Was ICO a success?: cap of $2.0 mio was reached


ICO Rating explained: B - very promising but competitive market; C - sound but small business; + - good potentials for growth.


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